International Shipments Logistics

With Anmar Logistics you can obtain the efficiency that your business needs when transporting your goods through shipments to 5 continents. Our experience guarantees that your products will arrive in a timely manner, always taking care of your budget

Efficient transportation by sea

Among the possibilities for international shipping, shipments made with seafaring solutions have existed since ancient times. Progress and and evolution of sea vessels have kept them as a valid and current as an effective means, with budget maximizing capabilities, being able to deliver at any port worldwide. A good part of its appeal relies on its enormous capacity, which may add up to hundreds of tons, making use of standardized containers and load dimensions of each particular ship.

Being able to hire more than container, you can find varieties for different kinds of products, protection level and storage capacity, such as the "Open Top container," able to carry from 28 to 30 tons and including a removable tarp at the top, making product loading and unloading easier; "The Standard" type that can hold 28 tons, creating an enclosed space for dry loads with measures of 20 ', 40' and 40 'high-cube; "The Refrigerated" type, able to carry loads from 27.7 to 30.4 tons of capacity with measures of 20 ', 40' and 40; "The Isolating" type, to handle products requiring a stable temperature. "The Tank" type is specialized to handle bulk liquids.

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