Professional Customs Service

Anmar Logistics offers an integral solution in quality logistics services, coordinated by people highly trained in import and export management. Based on their experience, setbacks, fines and rejections in cargo release can be avoided thanks to the broad knowledge on international and country-specific regulations.

Comprehensive support in customs procedures

Tariff obligations and related paperwork according to the country where the product is shipped can turn in to complications and, in some cases, turn into total chaos because the shipments are held indefinitely by Customs, representing man hours lost in the production lines, or the massive loss of customers and above all unnecessary expenses to solve the problem quickly.

Anmar Logistics offers you its prime Customs services, handled by a team of seasoned and progressively trained you can rely on for international regulations, quotes and tax estimates according to the different shipment forms, packing requirements according to materials, dealing with manifests and covering all bases so that your shipping paperwork is done properly and in a timely manner, so that your products can reach their destination without complications.

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Achieve the solidity you are looking for in your shipments to clients and sister companies, within continental territories or countries across oceans. Well preserved and timely delivered products and materials, paired with the necessary paperwork. Contact us so that we can learn about your requirements, and with them design a plan tailored just for you.

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