A solid alternative for inventory management

With Anmar Logistics, you can build a complete logistics chain at the moment, according to your needs. Knowing that there are emerging businesses, fluctuations in demand, high volume arrivals, the storage service for your products is offered. Schemes according to your needs, refrigeration, stowage method, for duration of stay defined or armed agreements to function as a strategic distribution center

Merchandise storage solutions

With or without preliminary calculations, needs and situations continue changing as time passes by, when we refer to product demand and the capability to respond to said demand using available capabilities in-house. Many are the cases of companies with warehouses partially empty due to unforeseen variables, losing money since they aren’t getting the most of the available space.

On the other hand, new companies, and those that at times have surges or peaks in demand beyond their inventory accumulating capabilities; there’s no clear way to address demand without exceeding the designated storage space, or, depending on expanding areas or moving operations to a location with higher capabilities, once again investing in construction.

Anmar Logistics represents a solid alternative for inventory handling. Depending on particular strategies, proposals can be adapted for handling unforeseen demand and production peaks, requesting short-term warehousing, or establishing agreements with more permanence for leasing warehouse areas. Also, you keep complete flexibility to configure spaces according to the additional demand, the kind of products and machinery being stored, including considerations such as controlled temperatures, based on the product.

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