Transportation by land just tailored to your needs

Anmar Logistics has the connections and versatility for all types of ground transportation; depending on the type of protection and care required.

Constant and safe land logistics

Mobilizing products using ground shipping implies a combination of several factors, even if the freight is within the country. The type of product, the shipping volume, route and papers ready for federal inspections, all of it needs specific preparations, also dependant on the agreed upon delivery timeframes.

Anmar Logistics puts at your disposal different ground shipping configurations, catering to your specific needs: dry boxes, refrigeration for food or materials sensitive to temperature, cistern box for liquids and gases, lowboy and platforms for excess dimensions transport.

The coverage by land means any destination within the continental area, being able to offer the service for customs procedures necessary for each shipment. According to the volume of the shipment, types of products, route and restriction in delivery times, proposals are assembled that are better adapted, taking care to maintain competitive costs.

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Achieve the solidity you are looking for in your shipments to clients and sister companies, within continental territories or countries across oceans. Well preserved and timely delivered products and materials, paired with the necessary paperwork. Contact us so that we can learn about your requirements, and with them design a plan tailored just for you.

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